Coping with Grief

A woman coping with griefGrief is the physical and emotional reaction people experience to any loss in their lives. It takes many forms and can vary in length from a relatively short time to many many years.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Each person needs to be allowed to grieve in their own particular way.

Physically they may experience sleeplessness, difficulty in sitting still or concentrating and loss of appetite. Emotionally there may be feelings of relief, guilt, anguish, anger, numbness.

A lot of helpful books have been written on coping with grief with plenty of other resources available including support groups and counselling. Don’t be afraid to seek help. See links to websites and a selection of books that provide support and information.

Funeral Options and Memorial Services

To aid in the grieving process and attain some ‘closure’ we recommend that your family and friends gather to hold a memorial service to honour the life of your loved one. This can take the form of a simple get-together at home, park or beach or can be conducted in a venue of your choice including various chapels. Please contact us to explore funeral options or if you would like us to make these arrangements for you. Call us on 1300 311 747 today for a free no obligation quote.