3 Beautiful and Memorable Ways to Celebrate a Loved One’s Memory After Cremation

Historically, funerals have been sombre religious occasions followed by a traditional burial. As society has become more secular, civil ceremonies have increasingly replaced religious services, and the idea of a funeral as a celebration of life rather than a sad and serious occasion is becoming the norm. More than 85% of Australians would prefer a relaxed, celebratory or fun final send-off than a more solemn funeral.

This inclination away from traditional funerals is also evident in the choice of what happens to the deceased loved one after the funeral. Around two-thirds of Australians are now choosing cremation over burial. Cremation can take place during the funeral ceremony, or it can be done prior to the funeral service as an unattended cremation.

Cremation goes hand-in-hand with a less traditional funeral style and allows the family of the deceased a way to choose a way to use the cremated ashes in a way that is meaningful to them and a symbolic representation of their loved one’s life. Often, the deceased loved one may have communicated their wishes regarding their ashes prior to their death.

If you’re sending off a loved one, or you’re planning your own celebratory funeral, then here are three beautiful and memorable ideas to release the cremated ashes back into the natural world.

1. Scatter the Ashes at a Special Location

Releasing a deceased loved one’s ashes at a place that held great significance to them is a wonderful and respectful way to say a final goodbye. This may be a place of a natural beauty, such as a beach, national park or out on the open water. It may be somewhere as humble as the garden of a home they lived in for many years or the vegetable or rose garden that they loved and tended.

In Queensland, it’s fine to scatter ashes in any location without a permit. If your chosen location is in another state or even another country, then it’s important to check on any local laws that could prevent you from scattering the ashes in certain locations. You may also need to apply for a permit to conduct an ashes scattering ceremony.

2. Create a Living Monument With a Bio-Urn

If your deceased loved one was a nature lover, then a bio-urn may be the perfect way to return their physical remains back to the earth. Bio-urns encapsulate the cremated ashes in a biodegradable container that also includes the seed for a tree.

After the bio-urn is planted, it will naturally break down, allowing the tree to grow and the remains of the loved one to fertilise and nurture the growth of the tree. This type of monument is a wonderful idea because it also provides a place to visit and pay your respects to the loved one for many generations to come.

3. Go Out With a Bang in a Fireworks Display

For a colourful character who was larger than life and loved a celebration, it’s possible to combine their ashes with a specially made set of fireworks. Companies within Australia can create the fireworks and will also prepare and present the fireworks display at the chosen location for your memorial celebration.

The laws regarding the use of fireworks are different in each state, so it’s important to check what is permitted before committing to this idea. You may need to obtain a permit from the local council before you can launch your spectacular final farewell.

Whatever you decide to do to honour your loved one’s memory, the team at Cremations Only have the knowledge, experience and understanding to help make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Contact them to discuss the different options available and to ask any questions that you may have about the cremation process.