3 Cremation Urn Options for an Outdoor Memorial

There are many reasons why families choose to keep a cremation urn outside. You may be considering it because your loved one was an outdoor enthusiast, or perhaps you just feel more comfortable keeping ashes out of the home.

Whatever your reason for purchasing an outdoor urn, it’s important that you buy one made from the right material. Wood urns may be a timeless and beautiful option for storing cremains, but wood is very sensitive to changes in moisture and temperature. This makes wooden urns unsuitable for outdoor placement. Thankfully, there are many other options available that are perfect for use outside.

If you’re in the process of selecting an urn for your outdoor memorial, here are the top three options to consider.

Metal Urns

Given that metal is such a durable and resistant material, it should come as no surprise that metal urns are one of the most common choices for outdoor memorial spaces.

One of the biggest benefits of metal urns is that they can hold their shape under large amounts of pressure. Alongside making them capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, this strength also means metal urns can be buried underground without cracking or collapsing.

However, metal isn’t without its downsides. Popular choices like copper urns, brass urns, and lead urns will all gradually form a layer of rust, tarnish or patina over time, giving them a green or grey appearance. Some people find this natural reaction attractive, but if you would prefer your urn to keep its original colour for years to come, you will have to clean and wax it regularly.

If you’ll be keeping the urn in a cemetery urn garden and visiting it periodically, a stainless steel urn is a good choice because it will keep its original colouring with less frequent maintenance.

Stone Urns

The other most popular material outdoor urns are made from is natural stone. Like metal, stone comes in many varieties, and it’s strong enough to withstand the elements.

Many families opt for marble urns because of their natural, unique patterning. If you do choose marble, it’s a good idea to opt for a lighter colour (white, grey or beige) as dark marble will fade noticeably in the sun over time. For a stone urn with longer-lasting colour, opt for one made from slate or granite.

If you intend to bury a stone cremation urn outdoors, you may need to use a burial vault to stop any cracking or breakage. While stone may be strong above ground, some stone urns cannot withstand the pressure of being buried underground without a protective vault to protect them.

Memorial Rocks and Foliage

For families who would like to create an attractive, natural memorial garden around their loved one’s earn, another great option is a memorial rock or stump.

Usually crafted from resin, these memorial urns are made to look like boulders, tree stumps, and other natural features. Inside, however, they are hollowed out with space to store cremated remains. Since resin is highly durable and impervious to sun, these urns will remain looking their best for years to come.

Memorial rocks and foliage are the best option if you want something that blends effortlessly with the surrounding environment. When positioned near trees, flowers, or other rocks, they’ll be indistinguishable from the natural features in your memorial garden. This makes them a great choice for loved ones who were passionate about nature and gardening during their lifetime.

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