3 Reasons to Choose Cremation Over Burial

If you are planning for what will happen when you die, then you need to decide whether to be buried or cremated. While some people prefer a burial, others find that cremation is a better choice for them. When might you decide that cremation is right for you?

1. You do not want to be buried

Some people want to have a traditional burial. However, some people are not as comfortable with this option. This can be down to a few different reasons.

In some cases, people choose cremation because it better fits their spiritual or religious beliefs. They believe that it is better to dispose of the body quickly after death rather than to put it in the ground. This releases the spirit or soul.

For example, cremation is the norm in the Hindu faith. The principle here is that burning the body releases the soul quickly so that it can move on to its next stage of reincarnation.

Sometimes, people choose cremation over burial because they do not like the idea of their bodies lying under the ground. The idea may scare them. Or, they may simply feel that burial is an unnecessary step in the funeral process and that a cremation is a simpler solution.

In some cases, people decide against a burial because they have no local ties. Their family may live in different states or even overseas. In this case, they may feel that they have little point leaving behind a grave that nobody can tend or visit.

However, if they are cremated, then their family can scatter their ashes or keep them. Families can even divide ashes between them if they all wish to create their own memorials.

2. You do not want to cause environmental harm

Some people choose a cremation over a burial because of environmental concerns. Traditional burials are not always good for the environment.

For example, materials used to line graves or to finish coffins might leach into the earth. If a body is embalmed, then toxic chemicals might release as the body decomposes. Methane gas is also an issue at this stage.

Then, you have to factor in the land for each gravesite. Space is often at a premium, especially in towns and cities. Some people just do not want to take up valuable space that could be used for another purpose.

While some carbon emissions are involved in a cremation, it is still typically a greener option. After the procedure is done, it has no lasting negative environmental footprint.

3. You do not want to burden your loved ones

Burials often take more work to organise than cremations. As well as arranging a service, families also have to find a suitable gravesite and organise the interment. They have to choose a memorial stone or plaque. Then, they may need to spend time periodically maintaining the plot.

Some people prefer not to load these extra burdens on to their loved ones. They know that organising a service followed by a cremation is a lot easier. This also gives people quicker closure to come to terms with their loss.

The lower costs of cremation also help relieve financial worries. Cremation reduces costs for families who have to pay for funerals after a loved one’s death. The cost of cremation also help people who do have some savings to leave more money behind for their family and friends to enjoy.