3 Reasons to Consider an Unattended Cremation

Bringing yourself to terms with the loss of a loved one is never an easy thing. Add in the responsibility of making funeral arrangements for them, and you will inevitably start feeling overwhelmed.

Fortunately, many funeral homes exist to help alleviate the stress and burden of planning a funeral for your loved one. All you have to do is find a suitable funeral home and let its directors handle every aspect of your preferred funeral service. You can choose anything from a minimum fuss unattended cremation to a full-service funeral that spares no expense.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with holding a traditional full-service funeral for your loved one, do not be dismayed if you can’t afford one. With an unattended cremation, you can save time and money on a funeral and still treat your loved ones with dignity and respect even after they are gone.

Explore why you should consider this funeral type for your beloved departed one.

1. Fuss-free body pickup and transportation

An unattended cremation includes transferring the body of a deceased person from the place of death— be it a house, hospital, nursing home or another location—to the crematorium for cremation.

Since crematorium operators are not allowed to handle a dead body directly, they usually bring a combustible, leak-proof coffin or other rigid containers to serve as a respectful resting place for the body. These coffins or containers are not as fancy as those for traditional burials, as they are cremated together with the bodies they hold.

Caring funeral directors at Cremations Only are available 24/7 every day of the year to respond to your distress calls, no matter the hour of the day or night. However, we do have regular working hours (Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm) and have an after hours transfer fee.

2. No mandatory attendance at the cremation

Funerals serve different functions for bereaved persons. Not surprisingly, everyone grieves differently. While some mourners want to be directly involved in every step of the send-off process, others prefer to keep away from part or all of it.

If you feel that skipping the cremation of your loved one will make it easier to deal with your loss, an unattended cremation will serve the purpose.

The crematorium staff will supervise and oversee the entire cremation process and send the ashes to your preferred location to do with as you wish. Viewing the body before cremation is possible, but there is viewing/sitting package for this.

3. Optional memorial service

A deceased person’s friends and family may decide not to hold a memorial service, depending on the circumstances leading to their demise. They may also opt out of the service due to financial reasons.

Even though an unattended cremation excludes a memorial service, consider holding one once you receive the ashes.

Memorial services not only help families celebrate the lives of their loved ones but also gives them a sense of closure. They play a big part in the grieving process. If you intend to hold a memorial service before or after an unattended cremation, Cremations Only can tailor a funeral package to meet your individual needs.

Many reasonably priced funeral options are available today, so pricing should not stop you from giving your departed one a decent send-off.