Choosing flowers for the casket of a loved one can feel like a difficult task, especially with so many other aspects of a funeral to plan. However, flowers can really add something to the overall look of a funeral, and they offer you an extra way to express the personality of your loved one as well as how you feel about them. Below, we explain three different factors to consider as you make your choice.

1. Learn about the meaning of flowers

A lot of common funeral flowers are popular because they have a deep, hidden meaning, which allows you to communicate how you feel about your loved one. For example, white lilies are associated with purity and devotion, and, in a Christian context, with the Virgin Mary. This makes them a timeless and appropriate way to show your love for a departed relative or friend.

However, pink lilies are often associated with prosperity, making them a less popular funeral flower. A different bright flower like the gerbera daisy might be more appropriate, as it symbolises happiness and many people believe a funeral to be a celebration of life.

You should also think about the colours of the flowers you have chosen. Do you feel that a bunch of bright blooms would be a celebration of your loved one’s fun-loving personality, or would they prefer a more sober and reflective bunch of white or pastel flowers? Think carefully about what flowers imply and what your loved one would want.

2. Consider the season

Some funeral flowers, such as the ever-popular lilies, are available all year round, but some flowers might only be available at certain times of the year. For example, gerberas are continually available in Australia, whereas miniature roses are only available from July to March.

However, flowers are sometimes imported, which means that if you have your heart set on a particular loved bud, you can look into flowers from other countries. The season should not entirely govern your choice of flowers, but it is something to consider, as it can affect the overall cost of the funeral.

Funeral homes may offer different flowers depending on the time of year, so don’t be afraid to ask what is available. Whatever the time of year, you will always be able to find a year-round or seasonal flower that can honour the occasion.

3. Think about your loved one

You will, naturally, want your loved one’s funeral to be a reflection of their personality, and the flowers can be part of this. As mentioned above, the colour palette can help to convey a certain atmosphere. Remember how fun your relative was with a colourful bunch of flowers, remember their love of a certain colour with a matching palette or celebrate their elegant nature with a simple white spray.

However, you might also think about your loved one’s favourite flowers while they were alive or the flowers they chose to grow in their garden. Aspects of their personality might also lead you to a decision: for some people, a large and elaborate arrangement might seem right, while a couple of natural flowers might be good for others. For a loved one who was particularly down-to-earth or patriotic, a simple bunch of native flowers might be a nice idea.

By considering the meaning of the flowers, the season and the personality of your loved one, you will be able to choose a meaningful, beautiful floral arrangement for their casket. Cremations Only can provide a range of different casket sprays to choose from and can offer advice about what would suit your needs and budget.