4 Flowers You Can Use at Funerals

Whether you’re planning a funeral or want to buy flowers after a loved one’s death, the flowers at the funeral are an important part. What flowers should you get? Discover four common types of flowers that people get to express their love, sympathy or admiration.

1. Roses

Many people think of roses when they think of funeral flowers. Roses, with their varied colours and meanings, can express different feelings, depending on the person who orders the flowers. For example, what if you get:

  • White roses? White roses often mean youth and innocence, but they also can mean respect and remembrance at funerals. They also have a historical connection with religion, which is ideal for any religious funerals.
  • Pink roses? Pink roses represent elegance, grace or appreciation, which can show the respect or love that a person had for the deceased.
  • Red roses? While red roses are mostly popular for romantic occasions, red roses at a funeral can symbolise the deep love and affection a person had for the departed loved one. Special deep crimson roses can indicate grief or sorrow, which makes them ideal for this often sad and solemn occasion.
  • Yellow roses? Yellow roses mainly represent friendship, so they are mostly useful for friends of the deceased.

Anything from a single rose to a bouquet of roses can be perfect for a funeral flower arrangement.

2. Lilies

Lilies are another popular funeral flower. Many people choose these flowers for funerals because of their sweet smell and symbolic meanings. White lilies are especially popular. Lilies, as a while, represent purity, innocence, sympathy or peace, all of which can hold significant meaning for the deceased loved one. A bouquet of lilies is a popular flower arrangement.

3. Carnations

Carnations are popular both as themselves and as supportive flowers for lilies or roses. Carnations often represent remembrance and affection, but different carnation colours can provide other meanings as well. Pink carnations are often popular for funerals, as they carry religious meaning that also can translate to a mother’s love for her children or continuing love, even after the death of the loved one.

Red carnations can symbolise romantic love, perfect for a grieving spouse or partner, and white carnation can represent innocence, gratitude, love or faithfulness, perfect for friends or family members.

Carnations are often ideal for funerals because they are able to be dyed and are also more affordable than other flower arrangements.

4. Orchids

These unique flowers can be the show of a flower arrangement. Orchids, in general, are symbolic of continuing love. However, pink orchids also emphasise sympathy, perfect for friends and family. Both white and pink orchids are popular for funerals, but other orchid flower colours can be appropriate in many circumstances.

For example, purple orchids represent admiration or respect. Red orchids mean strength or courage. Blue orchids, which are uncommon because they have to be dyed, represent preciousness or rarity due to their uniqueness. Each of these might be perfect for a specific person’s funeral.

Orchids can be part of a flower arrangement either as a cut flower or as a growing plant. Orchids can last for a long time, so if mourning family members want a visual reminder of their departed loved one, the funeral orchids could be just the thing.