4 Unique Things to Do With a Loved One’s Ashes

Are you looking for something unique to do with your loved one’s ashes? If storing ashes in an urn at home doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of alternatives.

You could use the ashes to plant a tree, create a beautiful piece of jewellery, or even press into an old-fashioned vinyl record. Keep reading for details on four touching ways to preserve the remains of your loved one.

1. Use the Ashes to Plant a Tree

Using your loved one’s ashes to plant a tree is a lovely way to keep their memory alive for decades to come.

You can now purchase special tree urns, which are separated into two capsules.  The top capsule contains the seed of the tree, while the bottom capsule contains the ashes.

Once planted in the ground, the seed will germinate and roots will sprout, eventually growing down into the lower capsule and spreading out into the earth.

These special urns can hold all or just some of the ashes, so they’re perfect if you’d like to share the remains between family members.

2. Have a Piece Cremation Jewellery Made

There are now companies dedicated to turning ashes into beautiful, colourful pieces of glass jewellery.

They use a special process that involves melting the ashes along with molten glass and glass crystals. Once combined, they’re cooled, cut, and polished to create a smooth, finished stone. This stone can then be used to create a necklace, bracelet, or ring.

You can even engrave the finished stone with a message of your choice. You could choose names and dates, favourite sayings, song lyrics, or meaningful quotes.

Creating a piece of cremation jewellery usually only requires one spoonful of ashes, so it’s possible to have multiple pieces created.

3. Commission a Memorial Painting Using the Ashes

Having a painting of a loved one created is a lovely way to honour their memory.

If you want to go one step further, commission a memorial painting that uses your loved one’s ashes, blended together with paint, to create the finished piece. This process only requires a small portion of the ashes, so you’ll still be able to store or scatter the rest as you wish.

You could commission a traditional portrait, a painting of your relative’s favourite place, their old home, or even a beloved pet. Providing the artist with a photo to work from will ensure that they get the painting just right.

4. Have the Ashes Compressed into a Vinyl Record

Was your loved one a keen music lover? Did they create music themselves? If so, having their ashes compressed into a working vinyl record could be a fitting and meaningful tribute.

This relatively new process involves taking a small portion of ashes, sprinkling onto a raw piece of vinyl, and then pressing. As the vinyl is pressed, the ashes are embedded into the record. You can choose any recording you like, and there’ll be room for multiple tracks.

The inclusion of the ashes will create some distinctive pops and crackles as the record plays, but this is part of the appeal for many people. If you’re looking for a unique way to commemorate a music lover, this is a lovely choice.

Not everyone wants to keep ashes in a traditional urn, and there are plenty of other options available. Remember your loved one by having their remains turned into jewellery, pressed into a record, used to create a painting, or returned to the earth as a tree.

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