Benefits of Cremation

Benefits of Cremation

It’s a common misconception that choosing cremation means forfeiting a professional funeral service. In fact, when you choose to proceed with a cremation after the passing of a loved one, you may still enjoy the benefits of a full professional funeral service just as you would at a burial funeral. The ultimate advantage of cremation is flexibility to carry out the funeral or memorial in a way that suits the family. You are not tied down to holding a burial on the same day as the funeral service – which can be overwhelming to some grieving family members who are not ready to let go yet. As well as allowing the family time to grieve, there are other benefits to choosing cremations – read on to learn more.

1. Choice Memorial or Professional Funeral Service

If you choose cremation, you may choose to hold a professional funeral service before the cremation takes place, or to simply hold a memorial gathering among family and friends after an unattended cremation has taken place. While professional funeral services are a great way to farewell your loved one, an unattended cremation is an alternative option that allows you to say goodbye in your own way at your own special memorial.

2. The Family Decides What Happens to the Remains

The cremated remains are placed in an industry standard plastic container, about the size of a tissue box. It is then up to the family to decide what to do with them. Many families decide to keep them at home and purchase a beautiful brass or timber urn, there are hundreds to choose from. Other families decide to scatter all or some of the ashes, or to purchase a memorial site at a cemetery where you can purchase a plot. Many families benefit from having a physical place to visit to remember their loved one after they’re gone.

3. Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Unlike burial services, cremations don’t require you to spend extra money on a, headstone, cemetery plot and other cemetery fees. For this reason, the cost of cremation is far less than the cost of burial in most cases. Saving money on burial costs means more money can go towards a special and thoughtful memorial service that truly celebrates the individual.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Cremation is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to burial as it doesn’t disturb the land or contribute to the expansion of urban cemeteries that’s happening as a result of population growth.

5. Simpler

Surveys show that many people who express their wish to be cremated after death do so because they want a simpler farewell, without the expense and fanfare of a full professional burial service. If you’d like to be cremated, be sure to let your close friends and family know so you can be confident your wishes are carried out.

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