A Brief Guide to Funeral Planning

Planning a funeral is a big job – there are many choices to make that you may not have considered before. At Cremations Only, we’re here to guide you through the arrangements and ease the burden of planning. Our funeral directors in Brisbane will guide you through each step of the proceedings, and all legal requirements, surrounding professional funeral services. Take a look at our brief guide below to get an idea of the processes involved. 

Step 1: Notify Authorities and Funeral Directors

When a death occurs unexpectedly at home (not while in medical or aged care), contact the police immediately so that it can be legally documented. They will firstly contact your family doctor to see if he or she will issue a Death Certificate. If the doctor has not seen the deceased person within the past 3 months, they will not issue a Death Certificate and the case will be referred to the Coroner for investigation. The police will organise transportation to the city forensic unit for autopsy. 

Most deaths occur naturally in hospital where the doctor will issue the death certificate. Whether the death is at home, at the hospital or at a nursing home, the next call should be to Cremations Only funeral directors in Brisbane. Our funeral directors will organise transport from the place of death whether in Brisbane, Gold Coast or anywhere in Queensland and begin working with you to make the funeral arrangements at a pace you feel comfortable with. When choosing a full service funeral one of our amazing celebrants will come and see you and put together a beautiful service with you, or you may choose your own priest or minister. 

Step 2: Notify Others

Once the authorities and funeral directors have been notified, the next step is to notify others who knew the deceased and any organisations they were involved in. Some people/organisations you may need to notify include: 

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Solicitor (to look after the Will)
  • Employer
  • Educators
  • Centrelink
  • ATO
  • Real estate agent
  • Banks and credit providers
  • Insurance providers
  • Super fund
  • Health fund
  • Medicare
  • Utilities providers (phone, internet, electricity, etc.)
  • Home carers, helpers, gardeners, etc.
  • Electoral Office
  • Motor vehicle registry
  • Clubs and groups 

Step 3: Choose Cremation or Burial and Select a Venue

At Cremations Only in Brisbane, we specialise in providing cremations and and full funeral services at a number of recommended crematoriums across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounds. However, we are happy to cater for other needs where possible and will help guide you to a solution and a venue that’s right for your family. We have held services in sporting venues, private homes and of course churches and chapels. The most important thing in funeral planning is that the family feel comfortable with the decision. 

Step 4: Choose a Funeral Plan

Your funeral directors will point you towards funeral options that meet your requirements and budget. At Cremations Only we are transparent with our pricing so there are no nasty surprises at a time where you should least be bothered by monetary matters. Take a look at our funeral options below.

Step 5: Personalise with Extra Details

For affordable extra fees, you might wish to personalise the service with any of the following: 

 If you need advice or options for an affordable cremation or funeral service, we’d love to help you. Call us on 1300 311 747 to discuss or email us.