Burial or Cremation – a Personal Choice

There are many considerations that are made when deciding how one’s body is respected in death. Some may be financial, others religious, and some may simply be determined by circumstances.

Throughout history, the treatment of the body in death has taken many directions. One of the most fascinating ceremonies is performed by the Zoroastrians, who believe that decomposition of the body is a corrupting influence.

The process may be confronting to some readers, but it is viewed as an environmentally sustainable means of farewelling the body. The earth is kept clear of any contaminants that may be in the flesh of the body and the air is not polluted by the fumes of cremation. If you would like to learn more about Zoroastrian tradition, we encourage you to do your own research.

It’s unlikely that the traditional Zoroastrian funeral will even take place in Brisbane, but it does give pause for reflection on the many practices available. Affordable funerals need not be a choice between how we want to be remembered and a budget funeral service.

Planning for your funeral early gives you the option to set aside a portion of your estate and determine your funeral wishes. However, we cannot always predict the end of life and coping with unexpected tragedy can be difficult to process.

Assessing the Options 

A cremation allows you to decide how your ashes will be dealt with. You won’t necessarily have a permanent headstone or gravesite, but you do have the option to have your ashes scattered. Alternatively, a permanent memorial may be established in your honour at a memorial park, a cemetery, or another location that is meaningful to you.

Increasingly, people are concerned about the environmental impact of burning remains versus burial. While burning can release toxic substances into the air, an embalmed body within a metal casket can also have a lasting negative effect on the environment. There’s also the space required for a casket to be buried, as opposed to a memorial plaque. The cost of real estate in cemeteries is increasing at a rate matched by housing in many Australian cities.

In the case of unexpected death, the decision can be frightening and can even cause anguish in years to come. Ensuring you have the proper support in family, friends and counselling is recommended. A low cost funeral home need not come at the expense of remembering your loved one with dignity and respect.

Consult Brisbane’s Funeral Directors

When you’re ready to talk to a funeral director in Brisbane, Cremations Only can help with planning and preparation of a funeral. Our sensitive staff can help assess the details of a funeral and a cremation and provide the guidance that is relevant to you.

Our low cost options are amongst the most competitive for funeral homes in Brisbane and can be arranged discreetly and with the greatest sensitivity to all involved.