Common Cremation Myths Debunked

Common Cremation Myths Debunked

The demand for cremation has been on a constant rise over the past few years. The demand comes as more individuals realise the limitless benefits of cremation. Cremation is cost-friendly, eco-friendly and convenient, and it allows for creative funeral service planning.

However, as the popularity of cremation rises, so do the myths about this type of funeral service. If you are unsure if cremation is right for you, this blog debunks the most common myths about cremation and the truth behind them.

Cremation doesn’t allow you to hold a funeral service

Some individuals assume that cremation robs them of the chance to have a funeral service for their loved ones. But actually, cremation gives you more options regarding funeral service planning.

You may hold a traditional funeral service with the casket present before cremation takes place. Or you may decide to have a memorial service at the crematorium with your loved one’s ashes present. The creative options to commemorate your loved one’s life with a cremation funeral service are limitless. For example, you may scatter their ashes in a place that was special to them, create artwork from the ashes or even launch the ashes into space.

Cremation is more expensive than a traditional burial

While the cost of a traditional burial can vary significantly based on the type of casket, funeral home, cemetery and headstone you choose, a traditional burial is generally more expensive than cremation. You also dont have the expensive cost of buying a burial plot which can be anywhere from $4000+. The best part about cremation is that the services can be customised to fit any budget.

You may also choose direct cremation to cut down on costs. Direct cremation is when the body is cremated without a funeral service.

Cremation is not eco-friendly

Cremation has come a long way and is now a safe and eco-friendly option. Cremation uses less energy than traditional burials and doesn’t require harmful chemicals or embalming fluids. Cremation is also a space-saving alternative to burials, which can take up a lot of land.

Cremation is not safe

Cremation is a safe and viable option for individuals who want an alternative to traditional burial. For example, The Cemeteries & Cremation NSW (CCNSW) regulates cremation to ensure crematories perform the services safely and diligently. CCNSW requires that all crematories meet strict safety standards and only trained professionals can conduct cremations.

To ensure safety and compliance, take your time to select a reliable and trustworthy crematory. Ensure the service providers are accredited, and ask about the training and experience of the crematory staff. Also, inquire about the crematory’s safety procedures and review the crematory’s insurance policies.

Cremation is risky due to ashes mix-up

While worrying about what will happen to your loved one’s ashes is normal, you can rest assured that cremation is safe and reliable. Crematories take great care to ensure that each family receives the correct ashes.

Crematory staff is trained to identify the bodies correctly, and the experts track each cremation from start to finish. The experts only handle one body at a time so you have nothing to worry about. In addition, crematories keep meticulous records after handing over the ashes to eliminate any chances of confusion.