Cremation Benefits You May Not Know

If you are planning for what will happen when you die, then you need to decide whether to be buried or cremated. While some people prefer a burial, others find that cremation is a better choice for them. When might you decide that cremation is right for you?

Cremation is a common alternative to traditional burial. It is both personal and cultural. Many people choose cremation due to the lower cost while others choose it due to traditional burial concerns. Regardless of why you choose this method, you may not know everything about the process.

Here are a few benefits of cremation that can shed some light on the practice, process, and reasons you should consider it as an option for your end-of-life planning.

Burial Is Still an Option

One of the common misconceptions associated with cremation is that burial is no longer an option. For many people, this can be a deal-breaker if they would like to be alongside family members or if they feel a graveside service is necessary for proper emotional closure. The truth is, burial is still an option and can be done in several ways.

For example, you may choose to have your cremains buried in an urn in a traditional family burial plot. You can also have a full graveside service for this. In this case, a rental casket is used and kept closed. The entire graveside service is done normally with the cremains buried at the location within a few days of the service.

Expedited Services

Cremation offers expedited burial and related services. Many cremations only take a few days. You also avoid processes such as embalming which can add time and cost to the entire process of burial. When cremation is done, the entire process can be completed in less than a week.

If there is no need for you to have a longer period of time, or if you need to have the memorial service before family members leave the area for their own homes, then cremation may be ideal.

Columbarium for Families

One reason that many people do not choose cremation is that they want to be buried with their family members. Some families have spent a lot of money on family burial plots, monuments, and even mausoleums. This makes the choice for cremation a more personal one and one that can be overlooked quickly.

If you do not already have a family burial plot or site, and your family members agree to cremation when their times come, then a columbarium is an option. Columbariums are indoor or outdoor structures that offer niches for urns. They are unique to cremation. You can purchase several niches to place your urn as well as family members, so you can remain in a form of a family plot.

Ecological Options for Remains

Ecological concerns may play a factor in why people do not choose cremation. For example, some people would like no chemicals used and natural burial. With that in mind, they tend to overlook cremation.

If ecology is a concern, there are several unique ecological options for cremains. For example, cremains can be placed in coral reef areas to help with coral reef establishment and fish life. You can also choose to have your cremains placed in an ecological container. These containers are made to biodegrade and some can have seeds of some kind. The cremains mix with the seeds and help plant life and trees. Talk with your cremation provider to learn about more ecological options.

If you feel cremation is an ideal choice for your end-of-life planning or for your loved one, contact Cremations Only. We can help you with planning your service, choosing an urn, and we can answer any other questions you have regarding your specific cremation planning. We can also discuss questions regarding the grieving process for the family members you leave behind and how cremation can be explained to younger children.