Eco-Friendly Cremation Urns for Green Funeral Services

Eco-friendly and green funeral services are becoming increasingly popular. If cremation is part of your eco-friendly or green funeral plans, here are some cremation urns that may be ideal.

Shell Urns

You may have a desire to have a deep water or sea burial for your ashes. If this is the case, finding a suitable urn that is biodegradable and eco-friendly may be a bit tricky. You may want something that looks appealing for the seaside memorial service but will degrade properly to release your ashes. If this is the case, you may want to consider shell urns.

Shell urns are exactly what they sound like. They are shells that allow the ashes to be placed inside of a cavity in some way. Conch shells, clam shells and recycled materials shaped like shells are the most common shell urns. Each either become part of the underwater environment or break down slowly over time to release your ashes.

Tree and Planting Urns

If you want an option that allows your cremated remains to give back to Earth, then a tree or planting urn may be ideal. These urns are made of a recycled material similar to paper or thick cardboard. The urn is shaped in a capsule-like manner and contains some soil and a tree or plant seed. Your ashes are added to this capsule.

Once you have the capsule ready, you can plant the urn in a suitable location. Though some people will consider having their urn planted in a family area plot. If you decide to have the urn planted in a private area or a state forest, make sure you have the proper approval before the burial. The urn will degrade, releasing your ashes, and allowing the plant or tree to grow in place.

Sand Urns

Sand urns are made out of a sand material that is moulded to hold your ashes. The sand will slowly break down over time and become part of the Earth in the area you choose. These sand urns are usually used in wooded areas or near beaches and lakes. The natural erosion for rain and weather will break down the urn over time.

Something to keep in mind about sand urns is that they may degrade at different rates. For this reason, the area the urn is placed should be marked if it will be a memorial site for family members and loved ones to return to at later dates.

Small Memorial Stones

When you got a traditional cemetery, some of the more common sites are headstones or granite grave markers. These markers can actually be made in much smaller options that can be placed in the home. The stones are made in a similar way to traditional larger headstones. The memorial stones can sit on fireplace mantles, or as part of a memorial area in a home.

The stones may contain the date of birth, date of death, small inscription, and an image. The ashes are either part of the stone or can be placed in the back of the stone under a small hatch door. If the cremation will be an unattended cremation, the ashes can be sent to the company making the stone so that the stone is received as a finished memorial. This is easier emotionally for some families.

Keep in mind that there are certain rules and permissions that govern the burial and spreading of ashes in certain areas.

If you are uncertain of proper disposal of cremated ashes, urn placement or urns that may fit your green funeral plan, then contact Cremations Only. A representative can help you with pre-planning, urn options and pricing.