Final Tribute – What to Include in an Obituary

An obituary is one of the many ways that you can honour a loved one after death. Importantly, it also allows those who the deceased has lost contact with to be made aware of their passing.

In the modern day, obituaries appear both in local papers and online. Today’s more experienced funeral directors are also adept at ensuring online obituaries are easily found by those known to the deceased. Social media may also be used to share an obituary at the appropriate time.

Obituary Essentials

Most obituaries are shorter than 50 words and may be as brief as 20 words.

budget funeral service in Brisbane can take into consideration the expressed wishes of both the deceased and those who are mourning the passing of a life. An obituary is usually included in the funeral service cost.

The three most critical pieces of information in the obituary are:

  1. Name of deceased
  2. Date of passing
  3. Funeral details, if applicable.

However, most obituaries will include other information.

Information about Loved Ones 

Our family is often our greatest legacy and funeral celebrations are as much for them as they are for us. Most obituaries will include information about loved ones left behind. This includes information about the spouse, children, parents and grandparents.

Where Donations Can Be Made 

When a loved one passes away, support is essential but even well-meaning gestures can sometimes be overwhelming. This is partially why families ask for donations to be made in lieu of giving flowers.

You may choose to donate to a cause that your loved one was passionate about, associations that assisted in their care, faith-based charities, or organisations that promote prevention and awareness for a specific illness.

Information about where donations can be made may be included in an obituary.

Life’s Work, Achievements and Interests 

For obituaries that are more than 200 words, the deceased’s life’s work, achievements, travels and even interests may be mentioned.

This option is most often used for prominent persons, but you may wish to explore it with your funeral director anyway. 

Keeping Funeral Costs Reasonable 

Obituaries are yet another way to honour, celebrate, mourn and remember a loved one. To plan and prepare for an affordable funeral in Brisbane, consider talking to a funeral director at Cremations Only.

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