How to Choose the Perfect Funeral Music to Remember Your Loved One

How to Choose the Perfect Funeral Music to Remember Your Loved One

Choosing the right music for your loved one’s funeral can feel impossible. You might have so many options that you don’t know which to pick, or you could struggle to find even one song that feels appropriate.

This is completely normal, and you may go through a lot of emotions when you listen to songs that remind you of someone who has passed. Be kind to yourself throughout the process, and use the ideas below if you feel stuck.

1. Use Songs From Special Moments in Their Life

Think about the biggest moments in your loved one’s life and the music that was playing. For example, the song they first asked their partner to dance to, or the music they played on their wedding day.

Other special moments might be less obvious, like the first time they saw their favourite band play live or the day they started a new job. Choosing a song from one of these important occasions is a lovely, personal way to remember a friend or relative.

2. Take a Look at Their Music Collection

Do you have access to your loved one’s CD or record collection or maybe their MP3 player? Taking a good look at the music they owned is bound to trigger ideas, and you can be certain that they’d approve.

Look for albums which have clearly been listened to over and over, and you should get a good idea of their favourites. If you shared a streaming service, you might even be able to see which songs they played most often.

3. Choose Religious Songs If Appropriate

If your loved one was religious or spiritual, songs that recognize this can be a good idea. Your choice could be a favourite hymn or religious song, which can also allow members of the congregation to join in and sing.

Alternatively, you might opt for spiritual music without lyrics, like healing sound bowls or a Gregorian chant. If your loved one regularly attended a place of worship, get advice from members of the congregation there.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Musical Styles

You don’t need to have a consistent theme for the music; play an eclectic mix of songs. You might start with a moving classical piece and end with a cheerful pop song, or mix traditional drum music with modern rap.

There are absolutely no rights or wrongs when curating a funeral playlist. Just listen to your heart and do what feels right.

5. Read the Lyrics Before Committing to Songs

You may choose a pop song without fully remembering the words. However, read the lyrics beforehand to make sure there’s nothing that feels inappropriate. It’s better to check beforehand than get a shock if a song contains lines you weren’t aware of.

Remember that the congregation will likely be silent while the music plays, so they’ll be listening closely to every word.

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