How to Dress a Loved One for a Cremation

When you organise a funeral for a loved one, you have to decide how to dress their body in the coffin. While some people set out what they want to wear in their funeral plans, others don’t get the chance to make this decision in advance. You’ll have to do it for them.

You can dress your loved one in their own clothes or you can pick a burial gown if you prefer. Read on to learn more about these options.

Why dress your loved one in their own clothes?

Some people dress the deceased in their own clothes. They might pick out a piece of clothing or outfit that their loved one had an attachment to. Or, they pick something that they associate with the person.

For example, you can choose clothes that you know meant something to the deceased. A man might have had a nice suit that they wore on special occasions. A lady might have had a favourite dress. You might feel that it is appropriate that they wear these items on their final journey.

Or you might pick out something that you associate with your loved one. You could choose clothing that reflects their hobbies or job. For example, you could dress a football fan in their team shirt. A dedicated nurse or police officer could go to their rest dressed in their uniforms.

Even if you don’t have a favourite or obvious outfit to use here, you can still use the deceased’s own clothes. People often go for smart or smart casual outfits; however, you can choose any items you think are appropriate.

Even though your loved one will be cremated, you get some benefits from dressing them in their own clothes. For a start, you’ll get some additional comfort at this difficult time.

It’s an honour to be involved in choosing someone’s final outfit. You get the chance to show your love and respect one last time. You’ll know that you were there for them until the end. You might find it a little easier to get some closure.

Plus, if you have an open coffin before the service and invite friends and family to viewings, then they’ll also appreciate seeing the deceased in a familiar outfit. While this is a sad time, they will also take some comfort from the care you take.

Why dress your loved one in a burial gown

While some people appreciate the chance to dress their loved ones, others prefer to use a burial gown either through choice or necessity. Your funeral director can source these gowns for you, or you can order custom-made gowns if you prefer.

These gowns often look like nightwear. They are made from soft and comfortable materials. You may simply prefer to dress your loved one in a gown that makes them look like they are sleeping.

They are also a good option if you can’t choose an outfit from the deceased’s own wardrobe. Or, you might want to keep a special outfit as a keepsake.