Ideas for a Personal Memorial

When someone close to you is gone, it’s important to celebrate their life in a way that has meaning to those left behind. One way to pay tribute to your loved one without holding a full professional funeral service is to simply hold a memorial with friends and family. If you choose to hold a memorial instead of a professional funeral service, an unattended cremation service is a practical and affordable option. It means that once the ashes are collected the family can take time to organise a personal memorial that’s unique, special and rich in meaning

 A memorial service can take the form of a traditional funeral service or it can be an intimate gathering at home, at a park, beach, venue or other location of the family’s choosing. It’s a special time for the family and friends of the deceased to come together to celebrate the life of the individual, honour their passing and comfort each other through their grief. There are limitless shapes memorials can take – each is as unique as the life it commemorates. They can be as formal or as informal as you like, Cremations Only can provide a celebrant if you wish.

Some popular ideas for memorials include:

An intimate gathering at home

A home gathering could be similar to a traditional professional funeral service or completely unique. Ask friends to bring photographs, videos, trinkets and other special things they’ve shared with the deceased and share stories as a group. Alternatively, you could put together a photo wall and ask guests to bring a photo to add to the wall.

Special interest group tribute

If your loved one was involved in a special interest group such as a sporting team, band, art society, etc., ask members of the group to perform or pay tribute in another way.

Charity fundraiser

Organise a charity fundraiser. This option is especially pertinent for families who have lost their loved one to cancer or disease. Raising funds for research and awareness of the disease, for a hospital or care group, is a fantastic way to help prevent future illnesses and pay respect to those who helped your loved one through a difficult time. The fundraiser could even become an annual event.

A planting ceremony

Ask each guest (or group of guests) to bring a plant to contribute to a memorial garden for the deceased. If the deceased has been cremated, a memorial garden is a good place for friends and family to come to remember them – much like a traditional headstone is for burials. You may even choose to scatter or plant the ashes in the memorial garden.

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