Selecting Meaningful Flowers for Your Loved One’s Casket Spray

You have a lot of options when choosing flowers for your loved one’s casket spray. For some, choosing a set of flowers that look pretty is enough. You may also like to remember the person with their favourite flower. However, if you aren’t sure what to opt for, you may like to pick flowers that convey a specific meaning.

While not everybody is well-versed in flower language, you may be comforted knowing that your loved one is surrounded by flowers that are subtly tailored to them and their life. Here are a number of popular flowers and their meanings to guide you in your selection.


Lilies — especially white lilies — are often seen at funeral services. They symbolise rebirth, which can be a comforting idea to those remembering the life of a loved one who has moved on. However, lilies can also symbolise motherhood and femininity, purity and a joy for life. If you wish to give the casket spray a unique feeling, you could choose lilies of brighter colours to reflect your loved one’s personality and vibrancy.


While often associated with romance, roses can also be a good choice for a casket spray — either alone or in a mixture of other flowers. These beautiful flowers are available in a wide variety of hues and shades, perhaps allowing you to select your loved one’s favourite colour.

Roses symbolise timelessness and love, which are pleasant associations as you remember somebody so important to you.


Gerbera daisies are beautiful, simple flowers that have a bright and happy appeal, adding a positive and warm tone to this celebration of your loved one’s life. They are somehow a less serious flower, perhaps suiting those with young and joyful spirits.

Different colours convey different meanings. Red is for love. Orange and yellow are for happiness and joie de vivre. Pink denotes admiration, perhaps of a romantic kind. And white symbolises youth and purity of spirit. These colours can be mixed together to speak best about your loved one.

Baby’s Breath

As part of a larger display, baby’s breath can make a pleasant contribution to your loved one’s casket spray. Most commonly seen in white, these flowers have a connotation of everlasting love and freedom — a fond message to send at this difficult time.


Vibrant, unusual and pretty, zinnias could be the perfect choice for a less sombre casket spray. In a mixture of colours, these flowers symbolise remembering and thinking of an absent friend and being grateful for your time together.

However, if you stick to a single colour, yellow zinnias denote remembering someone every day. Because these flowers are so colourful and warm, they are perhaps best suited for remembering those with larger-than-life personalities and warm spirits.


These smaller pink- and purple-toned flowers may be a good addition to a broader display. The colours are soft enough not to disturb traditional whites and reds, but they may also fit in amongst brighter casket sprays.

Periwinkles are said to carry the message that your time with loved ones is precious and should be cherished. They also invite you to reminisce about those times gone by. This makes them the perfect accompaniment as you remember the person whose life you are celebrating.

Of course, the choices are limitless, and you can select any casket spray which best represents your loved one — but conveying some of these meanings, even in a subtle way, could be a nice way to guide your choices.

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