Untangling the Truth Behind Myths About Cremation

Although cremation is becoming a more popular option throughout Australia, many misconceptions still abound about this process. Whether you’re setting up your own pre-need or planning cremation for a loved one, we’re going to help you untangle some of those myths. Here’s a look at some of the most common misconceptions and an explanation of the truth behind them.

1. Myth: Cremations Mean No Visitations

If you opt for cremation, that doesn’t mean that you have to skip the visitation. You can arrange to have the body prepared and then transported to your place of worship for a ceremony, and cremation can take place after that.

Similarly, in many cases, it’s also possible to set up a visitation at the funeral home, and many funeral directors can also arrange a celebrant for you. Many grieving people find a visitation to be a soothing and cathartic way to gather together with friends and family to say goodbye to their loved ones.

2. Myth: You Don’t Need a Coffin

This claim can be true in some cases. If you opt for direct cremation, you don’t have to worry about buying a coffin. The body can be cremated in a simple box designed for that process.

However, many people opt for a visitation or for an open-casket service at their place of worship, and in those cases, it is necessary to purchase a coffin. Coffins come in a wide range of designs at a numerous price points. The more affordable options tend to be simple but stately. More expensive options can include everything from expensive hardwood exteriors to luxurious linings. If you like, you can even find unique coffins with designs such as nature scenes, flowers or even child-like themes.

3. Myth: Mortuary Preparation Is Not Necessary With Cremation

With unattended cremations, this idea is certainly true. There is no need to embalm or prepare the body. However, if there is a visitation planned, mortuary preparation is necessary.

That preparation can involve measures like cleaning and dressing the deceased to prepare them for viewing. In some cases, it may also include embalming.

4. Myth: All Urns Are the Same

Urns can be just as diverse as coffins, and it’s possible to choose an urn that perfectly represents your or your loved one’s unique personality. Urns can be glass, metal, ceramic or even cardboard. They can be very simple or extremely ornate.

You can choose urns for display and even choose to have them engraved or fitted with a memorial plaque. There are also companion urns designed to hold the ashes of two people as well as biodegradable urns and urns designed for scattering.

5. Myth: Cremains Can’t Be Buried

There are actually a wide range of ways that you can opt to deal with cremains. They can be kept or scattered, but it’s important to note that there are restrictions on scattering ashes in public areas.

If you want a permanent marker for yourself or your loved one, you can also opt to put the cremains in a columbarium, or you can buy a plot in a cemetery. Some cemeteries even offer smaller, less expensive plots for cremains in particular.

6. Myth: It’s Not Possible to Have a Memorial With Unattended Cremation

An unattended cremation is generally the least expensive option. It does not include a visitation, and no family or friends attend the cremation. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a memorial. Some grieving families choose to have a memorial later with the cremains.

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