Why Order an Image-Wrapped Personalised Coffin?

If you need to organise a loved one’s funeral, then you often have to choose a coffin. While traditional casket designs are still a popular choice, you do have other options if you find it hard to make a decision.

For example, you can choose a personalised image-wrapped coffin if you prefer. How are these coffins different, and what are the benefits of choosing them?

What is an image-wrapped coffin?

Image wraps add personalisation to coffins; they change the way a coffin looks. Designers take a regular wooden casket and put a pre-printed wrap around it. This wrap, which is usually made from plastics like PVC, covers the coffin with high-resolution images or designs.

For example, a nature wrap might cover the coffin with a scenic photographic image of mountains, the sea or flowers. A sports wrap may hold images of a particular sport or a specific team logo and colours.

While many people choose stock wraps, you can create your own cover. Here, you would provide photos or graphics that the image wrap company would then turn into a more bespoke personalised cover.

What are the benefits of personalised coffin wraps?

Discover how personalised coffin wraps can benefit you.

You want to add a personal touch to a loved one’s coffin

Regular coffins don’t suit everyone. While some people like the look of a plain or even ornate wooden casket, others don’t.

Some people find it hard to choose a coffin because traditional options feel impersonal. This is the last home of a loved person, and you may not feel that a plain coffin is the right way to say your final goodbyes.

The traditional coffin doesn’t say anything about the person who died. It doesn’t give you the chance to openly reflect your own sadness and love at this difficult time.

This can be a particularly hard decision to make if you have to organise a funeral for a child or young person who died before their time. A traditional coffin may feel too stark and impersonal in these situations.

Using a customised image wrap makes a coffin feel warmer and more personal. It gives you the chance to do one last thing for the person you’ve loved and lost. You can show that you care and that you understand what mattered to them when they were alive. You’re wrapping them in love and care.

You want to say something about the loved one

Of course, if you wish, you can simply use a general wrap to brighten up the exterior of the casket. You could give the coffin a different colour or add a pattern or texture. However, in many cases, people opt for a more personalised solution.

They choose wraps that say something about the person who has died. You can use a wrap to connect to something associated with the person or to something they loved or liked doing.

For example, if the deceased was a keen surfer, you can use a wrap with images of the sea, waves and surfboards. A music lover could have a guitar and musical notes, and a dog lover could have a wrap covered with puppies.

You want to create a final message

You can also use a wrap to create a final message. A religious wrap with images of angels could show that the person who has died is now in the arms of God. A wrap full of hearts shows that they were loved.

While adding an image wrap will make you feel like you’ve gone the extra mile to show how much you care, it also benefits other people at the service. It connects them to the person who has died. It may make them smile, laugh or cry, but it will give all of them a happy last memory.