Everyone should have a Will

A Will is a legal document that outlines your wishes for what will happen to you, your property and assets after you are gone. It’s the only way to be sure that your Estate (the legal term for your property and assets) will be divided among those you care about in a way that you’re comfortable with. Regardless of the value of your Estate, it’s important to create a Will for a number of reasons.

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Ideas for a Personal Memorial

When someone close to you is gone, it’s important to celebrate their life in a way that has meaning to those left behind. One way to pay tribute to your loved one without holding a full professional funeral service is to simply hold a memorial with friends and family. If you choose to hold a memorial instead of a professional funeral service, an unattended cremation service is a practical and affordable option. It means that once the ashes are collected the family can take time to organise a personal memorial that’s unique, special and rich in meaning.

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What to Include in a Eulogy

The eulogy is the part of the funeral service that celebrates the life of someone who has passed away. It’s a personal and often anecdotal speech that commemorates life and bids farewell while offering comfort to those left behind. The eulogy usually lasts for about five to ten minutes – although there are no rules to this – and can be delivered by a family member, close friend, the minister or celebrant, or someone else appointed by the family.

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A Brief Guide to Funeral Planning

Planning a funeral is a big job – there are many choices to make that you may not have considered before. At Cremations Only, we’re here to guide you through the arrangements and ease the burden of planning. Our funeral directors in Brisbane will guide you through each step of the proceedings, and all legal requirements, surrounding professional funeral services. Take a look at our brief guide below to get an idea of the processes involved. 

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Benefits of Cremation

It’s a common misconception that choosing cremation means forfeiting a professional funeral service. In fact, when you choose to proceed with a cremation after the passing of a loved one, you may still enjoy the benefits of a full professional funeral service just as you would at a burial funeral. The ultimate advantage of cremation is flexibility to carry out the funeral or memorial in a way that suits the family. You are not tied down to holding a burial on the same day as the funeral service – which can be overwhelming to some grieving family members who are not ready to let go yet. As well as allowing the family time to grieve, there are other benefits to choosing cremations – read on to learn more.

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